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Careers Education

At Noname Academy, students take part in a programme of Careers Education, Information, Advice, and Guidance from Year 7 right up to Year 11. They have access to the Careers Library and dedicated staff to support them, and take part in a wide range of activities.   Please see the school’s Careers Education Plan for further details year-specific careers provision.

All learners will take part in a programme that helps them to:

  • Understand their education, training, employment, and other progression opportunities
  • Develop the skills they need to plan and manage their own personal development and career progression
  • Access relevant information
  • Learn from taster activities and work experience
  • Make and maintain individual progression plans to help them improve their prospects of success
  • Participate in after-school clubs

Students have access to and are supported in using careers information that is:

  • Easy-to-find and available at convenient times and in convenient locations, including on the school intranet
  • Clearly labelled and referenced
  • Comprehensive, giving details of all progression opportunities and associated support arrangements, such as financial help
  • Unbiased and up-to-date

Students are supported in their Careers Education by Mrs Careerswise and Mr Futureteller who are available in the School Careers Office from Monday to Friday. Alternatively, they can be contacted by email at or tfutureteller@

In 2015 the government raised the participation age in England.   From September 2016 academic year onwards, young people will be required to participate in education or training until their 18th birthday.